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Reported By: Anu

Contact information:
Gofourshop.com Delhi

Hi everyone,
I received a call from a representative of a shopping portal who are organizing a contest whose winning are unbelievable. The wining are like this Baleno car for winner, Ktm bike as second prize, Apple mac pro as third prize. On hearing all this i was like can I be the lucky one!! But after few seconds i was like what… wait… This sounds like some kind of scam and i must inquire it first. I told the lady who called me to contact me gain in evening as i was busy somewhere and will listen to you in evening and will go ahead with your offer. The company details are as follows (as mentioned on their website):

Address : 26/11, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar-110092
Customer Care : +91 – 7309296899
E-mail : info@gofourshop.com

I googled about online shopping portal/ websites Contests feedback or review and landed on this website, where i saw several complaints related to contest have been registered. The listed complaints are clearly indicated about the contest scams where people has shared their experience how they got duped via these shopping portals contests. Now I am aware and will pass the offer from the website for the contest they are organizing, My advice to all please check all the facts then only take part in the contests. As most of the time you will get duped as now what i am thinking is no website / person / company is gonna give you something from their own pocked not even any promotional event from anyone will give you huge amount prizes like this. So stay calm and do not get exited and avoid them. Thanks

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  1. Mohammed Almaas

    Hi sir I will pay 12000 documentary amount this amount not recovering plzz recover my amount not recover means I will complant the police station

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