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Reported By: Debasish Bhowmick

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Green View Villa Pvt. Ltd.

I booked a plot for Amrita Village on January 2017 and gave 50, 000 INR to Green view villa on the condition, that they will be providing detail paper for my plot and upon unsatisfactory result (searching or suggestion from lawyer) they will refund my full amount.

When I received all the documents and I took suggestion from one lawyer, he suggested me not to buy the plot. I asked full refund from Green view villa pvt Ltd, but they replied reason should be documented from lawyer on a lawyer pad as per their company policy. or else full refund will not be given.

Due to unavailability of the previous lawyer I went to some different lawyer, spent couple of thousand money and get the same suggestion, not to buy that plot. this time I made him (second lawyer) write on the pad and showed that to green view villa pvt ltd.

Upon several discussion, green view villa agreed to refund me full amount, and gave me post dated cheque (10th May 2017). I thought wisely and before depositing in the bank called Mr. Surajit to confirm that we are going to deposite the cheque. Surprisingly he is suggesting to wait us more time as there may be possibility that whatever cheque they have issued, may have much more balance withdrawn than what ever they have in the bank.

he gave me time till Tuesday 16th May. Again we called and he is telling to wait one more day, after that he can give us update, when we can deposite the cheque.

I am surprised, as a company who obey and follow their strict policy (previously they told me, they need written documented letter from lawyer for the reason of cancellation as per company policy) can not do like this, to issue come cheque without knowing account balance in their bank.

I stay outside of India and my old mom is taking followup, running here and there to lawyer, taking to green view villa, going to their office etc. My request to the concern person of the company to refund the full amount as soon as possible as we need this money immediately and we waited around 2 months to get it back.


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