GTO BPO – fake employees

they say they have the project but in actual they dont have it Ghanshyam, santosh, varun all these people are unfaithful.
they do not know what they need to do. dont know their job and irresponsible.

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  1. Support @ Josoft

    Ms. Kavita, As you know you were not eligible for that project, and as per our company policy we does not give projects to any person who is not eligible. So please don’t publish comments like this.

  2. Hi, kavita i m also planning to take project.
    Pls tell me what type of agreement they are making and y u r not eligible for project.
    How much you have paid.
    Does you get any money from company?
    Pls tell me to avoid cheat.

  3. Hi, josoft team.
    I m planning to take projects..
    Can u tell y she not getting project.
    Why she was not eligible.