GTPL Broadband Service – 23 days of Service Disruption

Dear Sir,

I have purchased a one year Broadband Connection from GTPL, which started on 1st of May 2015. The scheme is 300 GB limit with 10 MBPS speed and valid for 1 year.

On 17th July, 2015 my internet service was disconnected. I have waited for 2 days and have lodged a complain on 20th July, 2015. Since then I have lodged 3 complains (complain numbers: 721712, 730768 and 749169). But no action has been taken. After repeated emails, phone calls and follow ups, there is no result. Today it is the 23rd day running and I am running without a luck.

There service engineer comes for checking, sometime they said they have fixed it, sometimes they said it will take some more time. The customer service is sheer non sense. I never get any proper reply, why this issue is not resolved. I have even send an email to the Nodal officer, but no action is being taken.

The nodal officer has extended 10 days for me, but according to TRAI, if your complain is not resolved within 15 days, then customer will get 1 month extension. So, this cheater company close my complains in every 7 days and raise a new complain. The Nodal officer, customer service team and all the stuffs are involved in the scam.

I really do not understand what on earth takes 23 days to resolve an issue. I am really fed up with the follow ups. I want you to take some serious actions against such a pathetic broadband provider companies. I really wonder how these companies get their licences. This is a scam to accumulate public money by cheating the customers. In the name of 1 year plan they raise the fund as they know they will disable the connection within 2-3 months and will enjoy the customers money. Dealing with them is a real headache. I am looking forward for a solution from consumer forum. I want my money back and do not want to continue with GTPL anymore.

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