Guide India Foundation For Career Development – Chor Company, Fake Looters


This compliant is against a Comapny Guide India Foundation for Career Development In Dwarka. They have recently looted Rs 14000 from promising they will offer me a Job & will refund the same.Nothing of this sort happened & now I am feeling cheated.

People all mental people are running this company. I have heard them saying that they plan to close their center after making a lot of money form people, which they already are after taking a of money from people in the form of Module fees, project fees by luring people to offer to pay Rs 31000/Rs 20000/Month.
Guys, have you been to their center in Dwarka . It looks like a filthy place, where people are fighting of their survival/ How can they pay thousands of people whom they call of interviews, such massive salaries? Its all a trap . Nothing in life comes for free . So, try & comprehend & lodge comaplaints against them.

I read an article on Google later on, where it was mentioned that these people had already ran a similar scam in other cities of India. After looting people money, they ran from there.

I was made a fool by their HR Khushi & Divya & also 1 person who they address as SIR ( Mr Raj). They even threatened to throw me from their center, once I asked for the refund of my money. They laughed at me & said – “Money only comes IN & not goes OUT” from here. They said, get out of here & never call or show me your face.
Who the hell, wants to see their face. I just want my money back like many others. They also make fake ID’s over various platforms to prove their genuinity & counter the complaints of others. So, watch out guys.

If you dont trust me, Please find various complaints them, which I just now found out after getting looted from them-





Please think thousand times, before entertaining their calls & if possible hand these bunch of cheats to Police somehow.

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