Guide India Foundation For Career Development – Fraud Company

GUIDE INDIA FOUNDATION FOR CAREER DEVELOPMENT – a FRAUDULENT company. They will ask you to pay Rs. 3600 for some weird reason (security fee which they say is non-refundable). First they will take a written test and without checking that paper they will call every student directly for HR interview (whether you have applied for technical or non technical profile)their sole purpose is to select every student so that they will get chance to trap each and every student. Then they will send you a mail that you have been selected in second round. Actually there is no first or second round. Their motive is to call every student one by one. And within two or three days they will send you “OFFER LETTER” And will invite you for document verification (which is not true). Their purpose is to tell you their “trapping mechanism” for which you have to pay them Rs 3600. So thereby they will waste your time and will try their best to trap you. My personal experience with this company and i got trapped and paid them Rs 1400 I got a mail from them that your profile has been selected for an interview and for same you have to come at Guide India Foundation for Career Development 432 (1st floor) Kakrola Housing Complex Dwarka Mor Metro Station, Pillar No 794 Near Big Apple, Yes Bank ATM Lane, New Delhi – 110078Mob: 9811309419 On 14 June 2013. I went there. They took a written test and without checking that test paper they called everyone for HR interview. There were around 50 students on that particular day who had applied for different profiles. Interview process was also fake. I applied there for software developer profile but they didn’t ask me any technical question. They asked me simple questions which can be answered by anyone. There was around 5-6 HR. Actually all of them were not HR. One of the HR was the ma’am at the reception. So you can understand yourself what would be the level of HR interview. The only reason behind this was, they wanted to select everyone. Then in evening I got a mail from them that you have been selected in second list. On 17 June 2013 I got a mail from them in ‘Spam folder’ that, “you have been selected in our company and you will get 31000 in hand per month. So come at our office within 2 days for document verification.” I didn’t check my spam folder so the HR called me on 20 June 2013. I already had some doubt in my mind about the genuineness of this company. But the HR there called on my number 2 or 3 times to come for document verification. So I visited there on the same day. Anybody will show interest in their company because of the salary package. So I also did the same. There they told me their scheme “ pay 3600/- which is a fee for a project. If I would be able to complete their project in time they will pay me 20,000+3600. Otherwise they will not refund Rs 3600. At first I was totally determined that I am not gonna pay them a single pie. But then the HR told me “check out the project. And if you think you can do the project then you can carry on with this selection process. She also told me that you can take the help from any of your friends, family members or from anyone.” I asked her then how will you check my intelligence or technical skills. She again jumbled up her words and didn’t answer my question correctly. The sir (head of GUIDE INDIA FOUNDATIONS) showed me the project. But he showed me only the first page which is a simple form consisting of fields like user name password etc. I told him to show me the complete project but he told me that entire project consists of simple forms like this only. At that point they again cheated me. They showed me the easy part of the project and hence made me realize that I can do the project. Then somehow the HR managed to convince me to pay that money. I was a fool who got trapped.” But in fact they made a fool of me by showing the easy part of the project and salary which they are offering 20,000/- + 3600/- and 31000/-(per month).“ I didn’t have the 3600 so The Hr told me pay the half amount and rest of the amount within one week. After paying the 1400, I got to know the real side. After 2 3 min I asked the SIR(HEAD of GUIDE INDIA) to show me the project once again but then he refused. I told him times2 3 to show me the project but he didn’t respond. While coming back home I realized I have been trapped and had made a biggest mistake. And then I called back on the given number and told them I m not interested and I want my money back. The SIR (HEAD of GUIDE INDIA) talked with me in a very rude manner and disconnected the phone. I called him several times but he did the same. On 25 June 2013 I visited there again. I told them to refund my money but they refused to do same. They talked me in very rude manner and also threatened to call “100’. I have not committed any crime. I have just requested them to refund my money. I agree I shouldn’t have paid to them but they trapped me. And they are trying to trap every student. So, this is my complaint against GUIDE INDIA FOUNDATION FOR CAREER DEVELOPMENT for cheating me. I request you to help in getting my money back. I have not utilized any resources of them. So I don’t understand why they are not refunding my money. They weren’t ready to listen even after 5 minutes of paying the money. Rs 1400 might not be a big amount for any company but it is for me. I can’t give my money to cheaters. I would be a lot happy in donating that money instead of giving it to cheaters and that too for nothing.

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