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Reported By: Samyakduttgupta

Contact information:
Gulf Air

Dear Baggage Department,
This is to inform you of a situation where my bag has been misplaced for two days. Below are the details for your kind perusal-

Passenger Name – Samyak Dutt Gupta
Flight Gulf Air : London – Bahrain – New Delhi (final destination)
Date : 26th June 2022
Flight Nos: London to Bahrain GF 6, Bahrain to New Delhi GF 134
Seat Number : 20H from London to Bahrain
Seat Number 12F from Bahrain to New Delhi

I am quite surprised with the service and in complete distress, as I had a total of 2 bags. I have received nothing.

Details of the missing bag:

Passenger Name – Samyak Dutt Gupta
Bag Colour – Blue and Black
Bag Company – Samsonite Hard Case, Milestone Hard Case
Bag Age – 1-month-Old, 5 months old
Bag Ticket No – I have bag ticket nos is GF 137060, GF 137061 which went missing.

No one is picking up the call to the number given in the PIR report. This is becoming extremely frustrating for me and concerning at the same time. We don’t expect this kind of customer response from Gulf Air and what’s even more shocking is that no one seems to know where the bag is when everything is computerised, in the system and we work in the world of barcode scans and all details are logged into the ticket?
I am a student and my luggage is extremely important for me.

Please help us resolve this matter. We hope to hear a positive response from you soon.


How to file a complaint against Gulf Air?

* Go to page
* Write Gulf Air in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Gulf Air.

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