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Reported By: Uzair Khan

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My Name is Uzair Khan I bought a policy no. 18255987 on 26 February 2016 from HDFC life_Classic Assured Plus. 1. The executive said you (I) will have to pay interest on the premium of the policy for 1st year if I pay it by credit card 12 EMI. I have done that and given about INR 2600/- as interest. 2nd year on-wards it will be interest free as per executive at HDFC branch where I have meet with her. Now no one is putting any interest on it. They are saying you to pay interest. Why can they allowed to sell product with wrong information. 2. I have given them credit card front photo last year to get money from credit card. They have asked photo of the credit card again, again I have given. But they wanted it again with Front and BACK (CVV) side photo which bank don’t say to share anyone. I am paying my policy premium online and it says 14% interest will be charged HDFC Credit card. i) I need know to that, why they are charging interest for the policy which they have promised at branch. ii) Why can’t HDFC life give it on paper that it will be interest free after 1 year. iii) Why HDFC life executive is asking me to give him BACK (CVV) side photo of the credit card. iv) Why HDFC bank executive assured me that it will be free after 1 year. Please help Best Regards

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