HDFC BANK – Resignation and Full and final settlement

I was working with bank from last 4.8 years. But due to personal post delivery issues I had quit my job in Nov 2015. I am currently not working.
I was ready to serve my notice period. but my manger released me early.

Due to which i had to pay a late charges of rupee 25500/ to bank to close my loan.
if i would have served the notice period the closure of loan would have become easy as..the coodination becomes difficult with different different department. And the people who do not attain calls.

after 3 months i received a email of full and final settlement. Which says you have not served your notice period so you have to pay 63 thousand rupee to Bank.

I was never against serving the notice period.

I am little bit fustrated becoz…My family members was against my this decisions …. I m feeling helpless.

pls help

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