Hdfc Realty – default in payment for almost 15 months

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Reported By: salmanmumbai

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Hdfc Realty

Dear mr. Vikram goel the ceo of hdfc realty, does it takes 15-18 months to pay back your vendors.. I have worked for your company as an agency for digital marketing and given support to your marketing team. Ms. Diskha bhardwaj, narendra pingle, tahir & others have got creatives, emailers designs, google campaign for your clients like godrej, oberoi & many others. On top of that you made us hire an employee on our payroll and made them use our workstation & work exclusively for you. One sudden day you scarp the creative service and ask us to fire the person. Is this the way you would like to be treated. Till date i have the person working with me because we dont follow your style of work and also failing in commitments given by your staff.

I have not been paid for the creatives that we supplied last year april, may & june 2016. I have not been paid for the google campaign promotions that we did last year june 2016. I have not been paid for monthly emailers that in april, may & june. Please advise have you hired special staff in your company for holding the vendors money for such a long time. Inspite of me submitting all the bills on time i am still struggling to get my payment and still being promised by your staff that sooner i will get the payment. Hope you get the message and i get my payments. Salman

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