Health Sanctuary Chandigarh – health sanctuary clinic

I totally agree with all Health Sanctuary has the most disgusting reputation even in Chandigarh they have just 1 doctor who seems genuine otherwise i came across Dr Nadeem who looks like bull shit both in language and knowledge he gave injections like vat doc and all the therapists are crying for their salaries everyday they have one person coming to shout at them for money then i get to know their electricity is cut up for 20-25 days in a month as they dont pay rent and electricity and water bills one lady came by mistake her card was swapped twice they are not refunding her money then they have people sitting in corporate who make fake email ids to write positive review and then nothing works here no clipo no meso no laser no machine they all are puppets of shubi hussain who is dark complexioned very thin lady and looks exactly like a witch of 18 centuary she has manly voice and shouts on everyone therapists cry a lot in chandigarh branch as they never get salaries and even they are abused on asking their salaries they are totally rubbish people and i strongly oppose duch type of clinics in India i have made team of 13 people who are victim of health sanctuary kindly contact me for banning health sanctuary clinic in India and exposing them who are playing with life of people.



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