Health Sanctuary – False Commitments from HS Company Representatives(Cheating done by Health Sanctuary):

Respected Sir,
I have been cheated by Health Sanctuary executives with the False commitments

I have paid the amount of Rs.80000(Most of the payment through my credit card and given some of the amount upto rs.30000 in the year 2012) to Health Sanctuary Gujrawala Town and I have not taken any services since October as this was not helping me out asked to get it adjusted for my Liposuction Surgery and they promised that they are adjusting complete Rs.30000 + Rs.50000 for my Liposuction surgery but instead of that they have done some cryo which they call as Non surgical Liposucton on 06th Sep 2013. I asked in writting but Anu declined to give me the same in writing and she said that the company is not going to run away. When I asked that I want to speak to a Doctor or Surgeon before my Surgery. Dr.Anu referred Dr.Nadeem to speak with

At the time of inqury with Dr. Nadeem he told me that with Liposuction the weight loss surgery(upto 6-9 kgs and above depending on body to body) get loss immediately and they will show the same after putting the fat into a bottel. But at the time when I asked for the appointment they forced me for cryo, I told the lady Dr. Anu if it didn’t work she has to get my liposuction done. She promised me that I am going to get effect of 100% and is save than liposuction. 40% result I can see after 2 weeks. and 60% result after 1 month. But no changes in my body as of Today.
And after doing my non surgical liposuction,there were no changes in my weight as well as inches also they have asked me to follow some diet program and asked me to wait for 2 months and defiantly I will lose Inches and my tummy will be completely in .
After following the diet program for 2 weeks I got my measurment done on 19th Sep but there were no changes, so I called Dr. Anu once again for the clarification and then she forwarded my case to Dr. Anjana

And now Dr.Anjana in corporate Gurgaon office of Health Sanctuary taking care of my case and asked me to wait for 1 month but again no changes and the same inches,.
And When I asked for my Liposuction:

Anjana declined and said that she cannot do my Liposuction for 1 year but she will come out with some solution and asked me to wait for another 4 weeks And now 8 Weeks(2 months are completed but I got no results).

I must say she is very smart lady, She always play with her words. She want me to Keep Dr.Anu out of the conversation(the Person who started conversation,given false promises to me).
She thinks that other people are free enough to work like a puppet as she asks. Somtime she asks me to go to Gujrawala Town for my measurment and now she is asking me to go to her Safdarjung office.
I have also gone to her Gurgaon Corporate office to speak to an Owner of the company but they do not let me speak with him/her.

But she promised that she will give me some solution by 7th Nov and on 6th Nov she asked me to visit Safderjung Branch for my measurment. And I puppet of Health sanctuary after getting an appointment on Saturday(09th Nov 2013) (after number of calls to Anjana) got appointment for 11th Nov 2013(Monday) 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM and I went there. But Strange, there was no doctor available and the Puppet was back to Home with no solution which I was expecting on same day.
Now I am realy very frustrated and its Hike of Inefficieny, now they again want me to visit Safderjung on 15th Nov 2013 and I puppet of Health Sanctuary has no choice a part from going to Saferjung again.
I went on 15th Nov and got my measurment done but no changes and same measurement.
After this I filed complain against Health Sanctuary to Consumer court for the Defficiency of Services on 1st Dec 2013 and My first date is on 13th Feb 2014 Also I filed the complaint with Mediator Centers and my first date was on 2nd Jan 14 and they didn’t turn up. They have now send the 2nd Notice for 17th Jan 14 to Miss Shubhi Hussain and R S Chowdhery(Owner of Health Sanctuary) but still they have not turned up and I have got my final date for 21st Feb 2014.
After this somehow I got Mobile number of Shreen and then she escalated the same to Dr. Vandana.
After speaking to Dr.Vandana I come to know that Dr. Anjana and Dr. Anu are not the doctors, they are just the counselers. Also, Health Sanctuary do not have any option of Liposuction surgery they get it done from some third party(Which they have never updated on their website) So, Now I also escalated this matter with Delhi Medical Council, to investigate this matter.
Please look into this matter on high priority and get it resolved ASAP.
I do not need any further services from Health Sanctuary as per I do not trust the company.
As per their False promises, I have taken loan from a Bank and paying the amount back in EMI’s.
I need my money to be refund Rs.80000 + Interet (interest I am paying to bank) + Rs.2500(mobile phone call charges) + RS.1500(Fare of my Traveling)..
I hope I will get the positive update from You ASAP

Nisha Verma
G-3/83A,Model Town 3
Delhi 110009

And My permanent address
G-3/42,Model Town 3 Delhi 110009

Health Sanctuary Addresses:

Gujrawala Town:
A – 9, Main G T Karnal Rd, Gujranwala Town Part I, New Delhi, Delhi, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Police Residential Colony, Pocket B, Part 1, Gujranwala Town, New Delhi, DL 110009 Landline # 011 4238 1844

Corporate Office:
A 1 / 10, Deodar Marg, DLF Phase 1, DLF Ph 1,, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002 M # 088 60 418152

Dr. Phone Numbers are as Follows:
Dr. Nadeem: 9711728913
Dr. Anu: 9654722611
Dr. Vandana: 9873553028
Dr. Laxmi:She is not a doctor I suppose
R H Choudhary owner of the company 981075062

I have all documents as proof but I do not have scan copy of those documents.. If required I will get it scan and send it to you.

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  1. Hello victims of Health Sanctury i must say this is the most cheap business company i tend to know about Health Sanctuary by a friend who have given it to health sanctuary as tenant in chandigarh now they are realy cryng everyday people in health sanctuary r victims of their lies their money is looted by them and they dnt care they havnt paid money to security to the land lady to the laundary to the workers all neighbourhood is spoiled by health sanctuary its onlu shubi hussain and chaudhary who r running such a pitty business now there is one case everyday in health sanctuary one person shouts and screams their for their services for their payments even they dont have heart i and many people along with me (in hundreds) have come together to close this centre from chandigarh whenevr any client comes to them we nearby people guide them about the centre and it is becoz we can save others being victim now i with my hundred brother and sister are united to expose fake fraud and illegal receipts they give as slips system to be shut and we could present shubi and chaudhary to court for wrong pracrice( they have no medicine for meso, no doctor, no machine working , no satisfied client, no person who s not cheated , no laser, no approved bills and even top of it they dnt pay rent till3-4 months dnt pay to staff wrong commitments to cliuents no services after taking money so i being citizen of chandigarh want other victims to join me and to make others aware of this cheat company please write reviews who are victims ( please health sanctuary dont make false id and write up comments )

  2. I totally agree with all Health Sanctuary has the most disgusting reputation even in Chandigarh they have just 1 doctor who seems genuine otherwise i came across Dr Nadeem who looks like bull shit both in language and knowledge he gave injections like vat doc and all the therapists are crying for their salaries everyday they have one person coming to shout at them for money then i get to know their electricity is cut up for 20-25 days in a month as they dont pay rent and electricity and water bills one lady came by mistake her card was swapped twice they are not refunding her money then they have people sitting in corporate who make fake email ids to write positive review and then nothing works here no clipo no meso no laser no machine they all are puppets of shubi hussain who is dark complexioned very thin lady and looks exactly like a witch of 18 centuary she has manly voice and shouts on everyone therapists cry a lot in chandigarh branch as they never get salaries and even they are abused on asking their salaries they are totally rubbish people and i strongly oppose duch type of clinics in India i have made team of 13 people who are victim of health sanctuary kindly contact me for banning health sanctuary clinic in India and exposing them who are playing with life of people.