Heerva, Ciara/ Dress – Wrong and cheap product delivered

Reported By: Janu barbie

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Heerva, Ciara/ Dress

order a sky colour plazo and black top… u cheated me with by delivering bad quality and another cheap top.. u should refund my money 599 as possible…. dont take it easy… u r doing froud work and you should refund my money..
My order Id – 6992477
Ref Id – 2024
Tracking Id – PKRC1000000068
Date – 19/07/2019

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  1. Bhagyashree Deogade

    The product delivered was cheap and it was totally different from that which was shown….you should refund my money.
    I want to return this product
    My order I’d. 7189652
    Reference I’d. 9042
    Product. HA-2002

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