Herodeal.in – selling fake bose speaker

Reported By: jayantidey

Contact information:

I ordered bose soundlink revolve+wireless portable bluetooth speaker from www.herodeal.in by cod for ₹3999. This price is almost 80% less than the mrp.

The seller has sent a fake via xpressbee courier and the courier person collected the money. This was in cash as the courier person refused any other means of payment and handed me the package only after i paid. By the time i opened the package, the courier person was gone.

As soon as i realised that i have been scammed, i sent a mail to both the seller and the courier.

Despite several mails for return and refund the sellers are not responding. However they site is continuously accepting new orders and sending confirmation for them. I tried twice with two different orders just to check.

The courier company is also not cooperating. (I requested them to stop payment to the seller and provide me their address and contact number.)

Please advise.

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