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Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Solan (H.P.) – complaint against HRTC bus conductor

I am a Passenger travelling from Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Darlaghat on a HRTC solan Depot Bus having no. H.P. on dated 29/08/2015. I had booked online seat no. 14. When I entered inside the bus at ISBT delhi , As I am opening the window of my seat no. 14 the mirror opens properly and as the bus is getting full then I slide the Window mirror to close it then that mirror broke into tiny tiny parts. And after that conductor came there and he blamed me for this incident and he is demmanding 800 Rs. for this, I told him about the incidence that, I have just slide to close it and it scatters into tiny tiny parts. And its not my fault. But he tried to make a pressure on me to accept all this . He call the Police on ISBT Delhi and the police man asked me about the incident and he said that passanger and driver sort out mutually. And after that again Bus conductor is pressurizing me to give money . I said him that i will give him money at reaching my destination. and then when I reached my destination early morning 30/08/2015. As my destination came my family members gathered there to know about the incidence, when bus stops there then we found that HRTC bus route ( ISBT Delhi to Bagga ) has cracked front mirror and the bus condition is not so good and the body of bus is totally damaged due to dents. And Some mirrors of seats are having holding clips loosed. we refusef him to give the money there bt he again try to case all this to police like that. Then we give him 500 rs.

But the main thing is that this is a wrong way of getting money from the passangers. The HRTC buses are not in well condition and the bus mirrors are cracked bt passanger have to pay for any happening like me

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