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House Owner cheating

I lived in urapakkam Chennai in a house for rent basis.
Rent was 5250 and advance was 30000 rupees.
When it was around one year, agreement also expired and I have given notice to the house owner that I am going to vacate in two months.
They tried all ways like no need to pay rent after notice and tried to adjust it fully in advance.
I clearly told them, I will pay rent and other stuffs as usual, and I want full advance when I vacate.
They said ok and collected everything as usual.
Last one week before I vacated, I reminded them many times.
But that house owner and her husband were telling too much amount of lies and sadly they didn’t have capacity to tell lies matching each other.
Till the day before vacation, that lady tried to convince me that she is not in a position to refund money, so she will give back soon, and she told all cinema dialogue on trusting each other.
But I said, I am highly in need of advanced amount, as I have to pay my next Owner, and I have given them enough notice of two months, so it’s their problem to handle and give me the amount. I have also said them that I won’t return the keys and keep the house legally locked, If they don’t return advance.
This lady asked her father to return 22000 rupees, though she reduced 5250 for last month rent. She still had 2750 rupees of my money holded.
She said once she gets EB calculated she will repay the remaining.
I did believed and gave the keys.
But there started the problem.
This lady and her husband both were cheats, they didn’t picked up any of my calls, messages anything.
In between when my parents tried to reach out, she spoke like she is so truthful and she will return whatever is remaining after EB reduction.
But this lady and her husband somehow prepared an EB bill of 2600 rupees for just 500 units of usage (actual EB bill would be just 1130 rupees for 500 units).
We pointed them out that the calculation is wrong, after verifying that with the local EB office.
We have asked them not to play tricks and return the remaining amount.
But those cheats were sending us messages like last warning don’t call us anymore, and they told us that we only have to pay them still 1000 rupees more.
This cheat couple have tried from first to loot my money in form of rent adjustments, again they tried to hold it and loot when I vacated, and finally they looted the remaining amount of 2750 successfully.
Please be aware of this cheat couple, the house is in 48, Priya Nagar third Street inside pillayar koil Street urapakkam. The couple may try to show the house in that lady’s father name too, as that lady’s father is living nearby that house.
The house is not good too, very poor maintenance, and they will say three water sources are there, but not one of them will help.
Such a fradulent house owner, who look decent.

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