Hp computers and their dealers cheating their customers by giving false information

As per my complain to HP COMPUTERS regarding the cheating done with me by the HP COMPUTER dealer (TECHSMART SYSTEMS PVT.LTD SALES OFFICE 1/122 GF,SHANKER ROAD OLD RAJINDER NAGAR NEW DELHI 110060). EMAIL ID:techsmart@rediffmail.com PH:42437179 42437379 salesman who sold me HP SLATEBOOK X2 by telling me that it would give me 10 hrs as per my requirements i.e (playing games and high multimedia use). Nothing is being done.
Girija TS India Customer Relations Case Manager APJ Quality and Customer Assurance
Email address: girija.t-s@hp.com and HP COMPUTERS product engineer Mr. Paul Amalraj are Forcing me believe to that I am wrong and HP COMPUTERS is not liable to what their dealer has told me to sell HP COMPUTER product i.e. SLATEBOOK X2 to me. They are calling me and repeatedly telling me the same thing over and over again that to get maximum battery life out of SLATEBOOK X2 I will have to use it in low power state which is totally opposite of what their dealer salesman told me. I specifically told the dealer that I would be using it for gaming and high multimedia use. This is very wrong on HP COMPUTERS dealer’s part to sell me this product by giving wrong information.

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