– Fraud Money laundering through Chinese site

Reported By: Soumalya

Contact information:
https:// Delhi

Guys paid reviews are happening through ignite creates directly working under chinese group/site https:// The Restaurants are paying for fake reviews, please don’t believe on these reviewes. I Lost 30 my lacs here.

Through whatsapp They want first to join there telegram group and manipulate to do there multiple tasks first they give you some very very small amount as to like some google map then they are task is coming where actually looting you. in that task you have to pay 9000 INR then they demanded that second data fetch you have to pay again 9000 when you ask question they say all amount is coming together. but from here twist is coming
they want to you to join another 4-5 peoples separate telegram group where they want you to purchase some crypto currencies according to them you do what the scammer said and there one guy make mistake intentionally. Who made a mistake is the scammer guy in the group and again scammer manager want to you to pay some data fixes amount which is very huge. What you do ? you have to arrange money from borrow , loan break your savings and others after all you again given this huge amount to scammers. because you didn’t want to loose your given money to the scammers. at this point you already given above 1 million to the scammer. then again they said now you withdraw your amount from merchant site. After you tried to withdraw your own amount message coming rejection. “Rejected the amount has risk anomalies please de-risk the account”. After this message get you reached to the scammer to complain they take it very lightly and said you have to pay 50% amount to de-risk your account. you come into trap now what to do you have to pay that amount and de-risk it. after that picture is going on next, They want you to again withdraw your money this time again twist is coming because when you try to withdraw your own amount it said “Rejected you dont have enough privilege’s please contact the finance department to activate the membership privilege’s and apply for the large channel” then you go to scammer finance manager they ask you to take gold membership for which you have to pay again 50% of all your amount. When you ask question why I have to pay and I don’t want gold member ship they again blackmail you that if you don’t take gold membership your own money you cant withdrawal and money sum is huge. Because of fear of loosing your money you again arrange amount and deposited to them there fake accounts numbers given by scammers. Next, they again want you to withdrawal your money. Now when you tried to withdrawal your amount rejected status message again coming this time with “Rejected please contact to tax manager to pay tax”. Which you not liable to pay but they ask you to pay 30% tax on all amount. Now there is a dead end coming you never have single penny left into your account. you already taken loan, you already borrowed from friends and relative. Finish you savings. Then you try to convivence and beg them but the motherfucker scammers have stoned heart they are devils with human skin. you request them again and again but they never listen.

So the conclusion is that not to come in there trap and greed live life happily what god given you. Because scammer don’t believed in god. there god is only money.
And you only loses and loses your hard earned amount and hope.

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  1. Is there any way to get our money back from these scammers? Because i have been their victim too. I have lost more than 5 lac and they are not responding at all. Please if there is any way, assist me as well for that.

    Myself Muzahid Hassan – +919816396043

  2. Hey Neeraj,

    I am one of their victim too. I have done translation of mor than 5Lac Rupees. Contact me on +919816396043

    I am looking forward to have my money back too.

  3. Hey soumalya, I feel sad to see that you gave so much of your money to these peoples, but I also gave them hug amount
    Please text me your number, or mail let’s talk about this, may be we will find some better solution for our hard earn money, my mail _ [email protected]

  4. This same issue also happened to me…this is a really Fraud organisation and everyone involved in this organisation should be in behind bar…pls let me know how to raise complaint against these people