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Reported By: Ayantika Saha

Contact information:
https:// philippines

On June 18 2022 they contact me for online job then I said them to explain about their job but they didn’t explained me about it. After that i registered for that job and started doing work. first they say me to order purse for rs 220 then I buy it for 200 rs and they credit 220 rs to my bank account after that next next items they increase the money of items and my last payment was for rs 28,000 and it’s says before order is freezed and to get money we want to pay for next order so I decided to give up it so I say them i am not interested to it anymore I want refund but they were not ready to refund amount and they were pushing me to pay for next order then I said I have no enough money they said me to borrow from friends so i borrowed money from friends and pay 30,000 then they say they want 5000 to when I ask them this compy is genuine they show me their certificate
So i am requesting you to take action against this company and help me to refund my 60,000 rs
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