I-BIZ INFOSYS – Such a fake company

I went there to know the details, they took Rs2150, and should some stupid things in their pc. Then they gave a cd and told that there are forms which are to be submitted withen saturday withen 12pm. At the time of installing, it shows that install failed, and shows a warning that all forms will get deleted. Such a fake company this is. I told them to refund the money and if they dont, I will loadge a fir against the company.

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  1. I think so you went to just do timepass at their office because according to me the thing which they showed on their PC was the software and the forms were their in the CD you might have not installed it according to the instruction, whereas i m also client of the company and the the software has being installed in my PC with no problem and i have submitted the work and collected my pay also.

  2. is the company legal? if u already cheated den why u did ‘not complain police against cmpany?
    or if many peoples are cheatedor company feck den how company giving advertisement in the news paper?