icici credit card online lead generation fraud to bank

Dear Sir/Madam,
ICICI Credit card department employees are cheating ICICI Bank regarding online generation credit card leads are selled to outside dealers. Whole department is spoiled because of earning money. I don’t know how many are involved in this but they are recuirting employees as outsourced and for them leads are not given, as per bank norms.
But internally few leads are shared with icici employees too but this is against icici bank norms.Because of leads today crores of rupees are transacted from dealer to bank employees (unofficially).From department has firtsly you need to trap all phone calls from employees to delears and if we check in bank for outer look payment will be made to dealer but internally shared to ICICI creditcard employees.As per my consideration this fraud is done from higher/senior level employee till lower level employee.This is my sincere request to investiage the past receords in bank and cross verify the leads from whom it is generated and from whom it is closed.Some Credit Card Employees are indirectly holding dealership in bangalore and running dealership in their assistance and earning money as secondary income. Please keep this information as confidential and secure and investigate. Anything assurance i am their always to assist
Thanking you

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