iDEA CELLULAR LTD – Harassment as an Employee

Dear Team,

As all the matter enclosed to show the concern of harassment to work in Idea against non tolerance.It’s been two months to work , Here matter is now that I am working for the Idea role but here days are going to be so hard and sophisticated ..Here are no any policy of basic needs to work in company .Company does not show the basic value of employee where he is working and what we have to provide to stable the humidity even.Please look over into the matter as days are not going to be in non tolerance because such thing is(Weather is too hot and here in the office only fans are running ,Lighting is not OK, One time tea is not available, Drinking water even also got finished before day end,Sweating is going on and suffering in it and seeing how to protect ourselves but company don’t show, company shows what(Our work is getting finished or not?)I don’t want to show up my name. So please contact me to give the resolution against this matter .
Company: Idea Cellular Ltd
Designation: Activation Officer(Panipat),Haryana
Email ID: [email protected]


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