I want to file a complaint against IFB appliances. I bought a microwave nearly two years ago and I sensed some problem since day one where it was taking much time to heat up the food than anticipated. Since I was a first time user, I thought may be this is the way it works.

Nearly two months ago, my microwave had stopped working and I had to call an IFB local representative in Ratlam (MP) on August 11th 2013 The technician came and found that the magnet is faulty. The magnet comes with 3 years of warranty. The technician assured me to place the complaint with IFB and gave me an SLA of two weeks. After 15-20 days when I did not hear back anything from him, I tried calling him and his phone went no reply for couple of days.
With the frustration I called up IFB customer support to know the status of my complaint.
With the demographic details they were able to tell me the complaint #(11506941) and informed that the complaint is assigned to a technician and will be resolved soon.After another week when I did not hear back anything from IFB, I tried calling the local technician again and this time I was fortunate enough as he picked my call.
He told me that the magnet has arrived from IFB service center but unluckily the new magnet is faulty too. “I really don’t understand how can the new magnet be faulty? Does the service center team doesn’t check the products before shipping?”
After all this frustration, I got one of the region contact person Any Gupta who assured me to help. She provided me another number of the regional manager named Abhishek. I called up Abhishek and he assured me to resolve this in a week’s time. As a fool I again believed him. Another 7 days passed by and no one came to fix the issue. Another call to Abhishek and the answer was, “It will be done in next two days”. The disappointment continues and now the SLA was shifted by one more day i.e. Saturday. Again no one turned up and despite of making multiple calls to all these guys on Sunday and Monday (Oct 6th and 7th)there was no luck. I made 10 calls to IFB customer care and every hour they promised to get back with the status (spoke to Shreya, Kolin as well as their senior manager but it resulted in more disappointment and frustation).
Since IFB has not been able to provide me the service in two months of time, I want to file a complaint to get full refund for the microwave.
I thought IFB as a reputed brand but all I got from them is lies and lies. The customer service is zero and they never keep up their words. I do not recommend IFB products to anyone.

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