Imarticus Learning Private Limited – Consumer Fraud (Misrepresentation, Financial Fraud, Breach of Contract, Cheating and Dishonest Inducement, Civil Liability)

Reported By: Baisil Benchmen

Contact information:
Imarticus Learning Private Limited Pathanamthitta

I am writing to bring to your attention a distressing experience I had with Imarticus Learning Private Limited. I enrolled in their online course titled “Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional – Online” with the expectation of receiving quality education and job placement assistance. Unfortunately, my experience turned out to be far from what was promised.

Here are the key points of my grievance:

Misleading Claims:
Imarticus advertised their course as having a 100% job guarantee and positioned themselves as a reputable company backed by NSDC and Skill India.
Based on these representations, I invested ₹1 lakh in their program, believing that I would receive both a certificate and a job opportunity upon completion.

Course Completion and Certificate:
I successfully completed the course and obtained a certificate from Imarticus.
However, despite my efforts, there were no active responses from their side regarding job placement or career assistance.

Financial Loss and Emotional Distress:
The lack of job opportunities caused significant financial strain for me.
I faced criticism from family and peers due to the false promises made by Imarticus.
My trust in their integrity was shattered, and I suffered both financially and emotionally.

Seeking Redress:
I demand a refund of the amount I invested, as Imarticus failed to fulfill their commitment.
Additionally, I hope that my case serves as a warning to others who might consider enrolling in their programs.
I kindly request your intervention in this matter. Imarticus Learning Private Limited’s actions constitute consumer fraud, and I believe they should be held accountable.

Thank you for your attention to this serious issue. I trust that the Consumer Grievance Portal will take appropriate steps to address my complaint and prevent others from facing similar hardships.

Baisil Benchmen

Contact Number: 8921995884
Mail: [email protected]

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