indbiosys-cheater,fraud,criminal boys group

i got cheated by indbiosys-,one stupid felow hariharan9176269269,anand-9994211321,kumaran-7299980937,taking 6000rs from me.more than 100 students are cheated by this idiots,they have a rape case also in their name,VERY worst fellows,i and many my friends cheated by this idiots,i friend is moiz-9741204003,he also cheated by this boys.they are small boys,ANYBODY ,please help me,my father carpenter,i no money .please help

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  1. Above mentioned complaint is not true. this is the complaint registered by some of the person or organisation who doesn, t wants to make our organisation getting higher. we are ready to give a job for 100 of candidates and our company website is registered in india and we are having a government registration and we are doing every thing is legally, and also we are going to get a ISO 9000 certificate as soon. KINDLY UNDERSTAND, INDBIOSYS IS A PROFESSIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE AND A PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANT IN THE FIELD OF CLINICAL RESEARCH, CDM, PV AND BIOTECH, PHARMA INDUSTRIES.All the candidates who register with us get a proper registration format, with a unique reference number which has life time validity.The registration mail id is [email protected] relationship department number is 7299980939, 7299980936.We do not have an UNANSWERED QUERY TILL DATE.We have cross interrogated with our complete candidates list, both by mail, and through calls, if any such issue as above mentioned is true, and have found it to be a complete FALSE COMPLAINT AGAINST US.Pls ensure you read the complete process of registration and the further procedure of placement, so as to ENSURE THAT we service you in a SATISFACTORY WAY.

  2. indbiosys-hariharan, nirmal gundan, anand-thief, kumar-sleeping thief, sleping in a room annd telling it is office, all thief com to cheat people, he cheat my sister, and rape her, harras when she go for anybody dont go, i give complain in thorappak station, she come from hyderabd thinkng its companty,
    please any one help me, i will kill that hariharan