India – delivery not made

With great enthusiasm I ordered a bday present for my beloved mom from India on 7th of June and they promised to deliver it within a span of 8 to 10 days. All my hopes were shattered to surprise my Mom when I called her on her bday for inquiring how did she like my present. I got a flat and disappointed answer that she dint get any gift whatsoever. I felt so embarrassed.

When I mailed the customer care on 19th of June regarding the delivery of product I was told the product even after 12 days was still under quality check. Then after 2 -3 days I got the mail that finally the company has taken pity on me and mailed the courier. They also gave me a tracking ID which dint exist. Later on I was given a different Id which again was not valid.

Till today I am chasing the company for delivering the bday present of my mom which was a saree of Rs. 1213 which I had already paid.

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