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I want to aware all life insurance agent that .. dont get indulged with this is a fake company. company doesn’t have any search engine optimization with their website… nowhere visible across the country … they take life insurance agent number from free listing website and assure for lead for quality leads . truth is no visitors visit their website specially in eastern, western, north india. few visibility is there in banglore. they make a hot lead who call them which is a cold call / customer only seeking the information an distribute among 10 -15 agent from whom they are charging 130 -150 per lead … so they make 15000/- for one dead lead in which customer doesn’t want to buy the insurance. they will take the money from you … will give you 10 worst leads in which clients actually not interested or shared with 10 different agents in the same region. if you dont believe me you make take a subscription and get ditched .. regards shikha LIC agent indore

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  1. Dear Shikha Sharma,

    With reference to your above claims, we request you to prove what you have claimed and we are ready to face any kind of legal battle on this and even if proved we will completely shut down our operations.

    Pls think before you make claims. Pls find our reply for each of your claims,

    1. We are ranked as one of the top 2500 websites in India as per alexa ranking. You can check the same here

    2. Pls check with few of the following keywords and you will see in No1 Position in Google,

    – Free Financial Portal in India
    – Best Financial Portal in India
    – Money Adviser India, etc

    3. We do not call any customer, they call us seeking our advice and 100 % of the conversation we had with each of these consumers are recorded and we are ready to provide the same in the court of law

    4. We do not transfer any lead to any agent without the consent of the customer or lead. We have the voice recording for the same.

    5. We do not share a particular lead with more than 3 agents in case of non-exclusive leads and more than 1 agent in case of exclusive lead. In case if it has happened pls prove it we are ready to pay any price for it.

    6. If you wish to check our services, you can visit and post the request or leave a missed call on 02261816111. Our financial advisers will call you and advice you. After taking the complete advice ask them not to share your details with any agent. And if they share pls let us know.

    However, if you have any concerns/issues with your subscription, call me on my number 9342856694, I will be more than happy to resolve your problem.

    Manager – Administration