Indraprastha public school – Regarding fine of rs, 200 per day of absent in dec, jan, and till 14 feb,

Reported By: Ramanand Jha

Contact information:
Indraprastha public school Begumpur, Delhi

I am studying in class 12, of indraprastha public school begumpur. they are charging rs 200 fine on making absent per dey in month of dec. Jan. And till 14 feb. Also they denied to provide admit card. They also not giving holiday for 2nd saturday every month. When exam are on head they dont provide study leave till day before exam. And many such rules were not followed by our school which are guidlined by cbse. Kindly take the matter seriosly. And stirct action should be taken against school. Kindly make judgement in our favour.
I’ll be very thankful to you

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