Industrial Security and Intelligence(India) Pvt Ltd,Chennai

Industrial Security and Intelligence(India) Pvt Ltd,Chennai is being run by people who can go to any extent to threaten their customers if they are losing their business due their poor services.

Group of lawyers known for their malevolent and ruthless attitude are behind this company and targeting the big gated communities as their target.As those people living in the gated communities are busy with their own duties,this Security service team takes that as advantage.

They provide less man power for manning than the committed and agreed in the contract and if any body asks about this kind of failures they will show their real colour

Friends, please be careful and have background checks while appointing the Security services for any big residential complexes/gated communities

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  1. The person who complained about industrial security & intelligence India PVT Ltd must be having personal grudge against them.
    we have engaged them to our community which houses more than 890 flats with commercial establishments for the past 7 years@ OMR.
    Their service is really excellent and especially during recent flood crises time they took care of every individual AND SAVED MANY LIVES AND PROPERTIES.
    Yes some time there were shortage of man power and once informed ,they immediately fill them up.
    All allegations in the previous mail must be of personal vendetta of a cruel mind.
    K.M singh