INS TECH Gujarat – INS TECH – Form filling Scam and Threatning from INS TECH

Reported By: Bakkiyalakshmi Pandurangan

Contact information:
INS TECH Gujarat Shinapar Gujarat
No Website for the company

My name is Bakkiyalakshmi Pandurangan, I got a meassage from a lady through Whatsapp from INS TECH Gujarath and she informed there is a Part-time job (Form filling) for home makers from home. In this form filling they will send 1000 Forms and it will be filled within 8 days. if we completed the job they will pay 25,000/-. After that they asked my ID proof. I sent my Voter ID. After that they sent a mail and asked me to sign in the sign column after signing they sent one Agreement and a Acceptance letter without knowing anything about that. After few second they sent Username & Password for the form filling work. But the Password & Username was Invalid. we informed regarding the Invalid of the uasername but there is no response form INS TECH.
After 8 Days from the date of agreement made on 02/06/2021 they started ti threatening to pay Rs 6500/- for registration otherwise Ins tech will take legal action for the Agreement breech.
Today on 3/06/2021 they sent a mail and informed that we put a legal complaint you have to pay 97,580/- otherwise police compalaint will taken about me.
The company INS TECH Address is Fake. There is no Website for the Company.
I am mentally worried for the last two days and my family members are fear about this. kindly request you to help me to come out.

How to file a complaint against INS TECH Gujarat?

* Go to page
* Write INS TECH Gujarat in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from INS TECH Gujarat.

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