Insaraf Furniture — Cheated me

We purchased insaraf Maharaja Sofa via order #1NSF16602133 thr website in Oct 2015.

Immediately we saw that insaraf coffee table they sent was made up of rotten wood. we immediately complained within 24 hours of receiving the courier but it was not accepted as they asked us to bear with it as rotten wood was under the table and not visible.

We also found that insaraf maharaja sofa was good 5 inch lesser in width than other normal sofa and there was nothing Maharaja about it. We again complaint but they mentioned that you should have checked the dimensions before ordering. How can anyone check comfortability of the insaraf sofa online?

After 10 days, we started seeing cracks in all insaraf maharaja sofa which was immediately informed but again after 2 months of followup Insaraf team started to NOT RESPONDIng our calls, mails, sms or support tickets.

I have spent 50, 000 on Insaraf maharaj sofa and they were of substandard design, Bad quality, non existent customer service.

Pls help me get the furniture replaced or my money refunded

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