Insaraf Furniture — Insaraf King Size Cot – Please do not buy from this store

I bought a King size Cot with side tables from this furniture store in the month of July 2015. I went to the store to check the quality of the product and everything looked good. Once you enter your name in the book that is available in their store, their owner Mr. Raghunandhan calls you and asks for feedback and will bug you till you order the product. I was kind of Ok till this time, bugging was not too much, but a call in the mornings is a normal routine. Then atlast I made up my mind and ordered it. The product was received on time, the customer service was great till the product was delivered – frequent calls and updates on the status of the shipping. I thought wow, they are equivalent to other big stores and wondered why they have not become popular. The troubles started from then. I had some minor issue on the side table like it was not flat on the floor, there were some scratches on the head portion of the cot which happened while delivering. I tried calling the shop, no response and then try visiting the store, the person gives another number of the store to check the status and promises that he will update Raghunandhan. So waited for 4 hours, no response whatsoever, called Raghunandhan – he promises that a carpenter will be sent immediately but before that as a process I have to register a complaint online and send them the picture through mail. I did that, then waited for couple of days – no response. Again called Raghu – he picks the call and says carpenter will be sent immediately, again 2 days the wait was still there from my end. I call back Raghu again, he does not pick my calls. Ok he bugged me before ordering, I will bug him back, try calling every 1 hour, he picks up may be after 10 calls and promises that carpenter will be sent at a specified time. The person did not come, so bug him again after the said time, he puts my number in block list, but sends the person. After 20 days of minimal usage, there is noise coming from the board which is below the matresses, I call up again to the store and he asks me to send the complaint through mail and also promises that he will update the same to Raghu. After raising a complaint, I get a call from their store in Rajasthan and they ask for the problem, I explain them and then they say that they will send a carpenter and check what that problem was and also assured that some ply boards will have problems and after the carpenter works on it, it will be rectified and no future instances of these. It has been 20 days now since that call, but no one has called till now and no response for the complaint as well. This was the first time I ordered from an unreputed store and I paid for it and this would be a great lesson for me and I will be sticking on to popular stores because their customer services is good and in the past as well I have made requests for 5 year old products and they have sent the person for rectifying within a day or 2. So please do not buy from this store and loose your peace of mind.

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