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Reported By: Gyan007

Contact information:
Porto, Portugal

Actually the price was initially reasonable, for 9 days 87,- Euro, and that’s how they lure their customer. But then the sales person at Interrent in Porto lied by saying the upgrade would be 15,- Euro. Interrent took off my visacard 166,- Euro (they charged 15,- Euro / day plus 23 % VAT). When I returned the car, the same day Interrent took off my Visacard another 60,70 Euro without any invoice or notice. My following emails were unanswered. Then, finally, somebody on the telephone explained me that this were the toll fees. The sales person had lied again by saying, 1,50 Euro would be the flat rate for using the Via Verde highways in Portugal. The reality was, that those 1,50 Euro / day was only the fee for renting the device for the Via Verde. Then I asked for an invoice, with lots of effort, because they didn’t answer my emails. Finally I got them on the telephone again, and the sending of an invoice took another 3 weeks. The amount on the invoice was still 7,- Euro lower than the one they took off of my Visacard (service charge ?). So I got cheated by Interrent of 226,70 Euro, and all complains were unanswered or rejected.

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