IQ solutions – Fruad captcha company

Reported By: Tushar Y Jain

Contact information:
IQ solutions Gujarat

I am complaining about this fraud work from home captcha working company named IQ Solutions in Gujarat because like me no one else should get into this trap. This company States that they will provide us 30k salary for typing 10k captcha within 10 days and they will also provide you a fake agreement and ask you for your aadhar Or any other ID proof. They also provide a statement that if you do not complete the work on time or failed to reach 90℅ accuracy of the data then you have to penalty of 6900 to the company. They will call you upon your number to verify that you agree all terms and conditions of agreement. I advice people that before you register into any work from home company just have a small verification survey about that company on google. My main motive to write this complain is to make everyone aware about this vast online date entry and captcha work scam.


How to file a complaint against IQ solutions?

* Go to page
* Write IQ solutions in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from IQ solutions.

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  1. i have registered into IQ Solution captcha company..This is my third day of work..Did they made you pay 6900 atlast by saying you have not finished the captachas or saying u have not reached 90% accuracy?

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