Jagat guru ji and devgiri maharaj – Fraud tantrik

I had approched both these babas jagat guru ji from Ahmedabad ang devgiri maharaj from Jaipur for my love problem. Both these took lot of money from me. Jagat guru 96000 and did nothing he is now not answering my calls. The other bastered devgiri maharj is begger and he took 68000. No work done and later wanted another 28000. When i refused. He said he will not do any work and threatened to harm me if i did anything against them. I really want these people in jail ang want my hard earned money back. Please tell me what do i do

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  1. Guys see there is no black magic exists in the world black magic is superstitious believe and in name of this superstion baba devgiri cheating us

  2. JKL i don’t know who are you. Lekin aap sabhi astrologers ke bare me likhti ho. Khti ho mere paise kha gye…Is baba ne kha liye us ne kha liye….Itne kitne paise ho gye aapke pass ?

    Shut your mouth JKL. Don’t spread rumors about baba. He is great in his work with experience. I am big fan of baba.

  3. aisha ji ager apki jyada problem hai to aap baba parmod ji se contact karo..wo apka kaam karke denge..maine bhi unse kaam karaya hai ..inhone mera kam karke diya hai..ye mere liye sab kuch hai..kyoki jo kisi ne kaam nahi kiya wo baba parmod ji ne kiya me thanx kahna chungi baba parmos ji se….baba parmod ji mob—0883093149