Jai Maa Kalyani – after depositing the money in your jai maa kalyani a/c for haven and pooja

Reported By: r1a2m3k4

Contact information:
Jai Maa Kalyani 18 f Hari Nagar, New Delhi

Rear president / secretary of this society – inspire of repeated call to your various phone no showing on your web site some of them are some of them are blocked pandit kedar nath ji promised to. Me to do the pooja with the proper method with their teams only one day they shows me on whats up screen after that i am calling to reach them but same answer i am getting kedar nath is not her call after 30 minute whole day is lapsed but same drill is going on every day still not touched with panditji kedar nathji to asked them what is going on even online is some complaints but when customer visits their finds a lots of complaints / not doing proper work need only money – money – money when pandit shailender jaiswal on tube is promised with everybody available 24 / 7 is services available with free of cost consultations and with the priest always asking for money – money its a very good business now a days

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