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Reported By: Sanjiv Kumar Sorahia

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I ordered (order # 279503, dated 29th Sep 2017) redmi 2 prime battery (Model BM44), but i received battery for redmi 1s (model no BM41). I know that it is also supported in redmi 2 prime but every mobile has its own specialization, which must be followed for better performance of the mobile. I told my problem and even sent the screenshot of it but it seemed you don’t even bother about it, and only kept on repeating the same thing that both batteries are same. It not always that you will be correct and some common sense should be used, if the battery had been working well why would i returned it, i can’t share screenshot of all the problem since you are not believing what i am saying you may also not belive what i sent. I charged it fully 100% in switch off mode and when i turn on the battery showed 90% and today (10 oct 2017) the battery was 28% and i was making a call and the battery automatically shut down and i was unable to restart it, when i plugged the charger it started charing from 0 %, from 28% to 0% was drained within couple of seconds and these problems can’t be taken screenshot of. I contacted the redmi customer care and they advice me to use Bm44 model battery with redmi 2 prime and i too have some knowledge of these things since i am a graduate in electronics. You may convience other person that two different batteries are but not me. If both the battery had been same why would the company used two different models of it, its because of the machine on which they are to be used. Had you provided me BM44 battery i would have never asked for return irrespective of its performance.
You are saying that both are same , then on searching redmi2 prime battery why only bm44 model is shown if both are same then both the model must have been shown and vice versa.
Since you are not willing to refund nor replace it, such say me the same and give me your return address ii don’t want such useless product, i would return it.
And your are saying the it is not as per your return policy so go and have a look at it, it has mentioned that if the product differ then that order return would be possible, and i order BM44 model and not BM41 and it hasalso not mentioned anywhere that both are same.

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