Jazeera Airways – Not allowed us travel in Kuwait Jazeera Airways

Reported By: Mansingh

Contact information:
Jazeera Airways Kuwait

Dear Team
We have booked the tickets in Jazeera Airways website to travel India from Kuwait airport.
Travel Date: 12 November 2021
Reservation number: T2T8TL
Departing: Kuwait
Arriving: Chennai (India)
Number of Passengers: 2 Adults + 1 Child (4 Years)

As per the latest guidelines issued by destination Country India on 11 November 2021, children’s below 5 years old does not require PCR test report while arriving to India. Accordingly, we have not taken PCR test for our Child because she is nearly 4 years old. Adults had a PCR test report.

However, Jazeera Airways representative not allowed us to boarding due to non-availability of Child PCR test report. We had explained very well to representative about Destination country requirements about children’s. she refused us to travel. We were travelling to India on an emergency basis due to one of the family members passed away on that day. Thereafter, we have booked the tickets in other airline where not enquire about PCR test report for child.

First up all, this incident mentally affected us and Jazeera Airways not refunded our ticket amount. This is economic burden for us and delayed our travel to reach our destination. Please help us to recover the refund amount from Jazeera Airways.



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