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Reported By: Vgadgil

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Hi, i had booked a haircutaqnd a hair colour appointment at The JCB- Powai salon. I reached there at sharp 1:30 which was my appointment time. Nobody attended to me till 1:45 pm despite having an appointment and asking then what was the wait for.

Then the hair stylist- Nizam who is a senior stylist and with whom i had an appointment walked in. There was a certain arrogance in the attitude and it was almost as if he was doing me a favour by attending to me.

Anyways, once he had coloured my hai and told me it would be washed after 30 min, he disappeared – attending to another client. After waiting for 50 min, i had to ask the receptionist who is supposed to be attending to me?

Then very reluctantly a lady came to wash my hair. Now my question is very simple- i cam to JCB because i was willing to pay a premium for a great service. Ofcourse there was nothing as even basic service etiquette provided, but I definitely paid a premium price.

This kind of attitude is not the first time i have encountered at JCB – Powai. Extremely disappointed and frankly will not be returning for the absolutely pathetic client service or rather the lack of service.


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