– fraud with me by this bidding site

i bid .70 and 1.73 which is unique but not means the bid amount whch is quote is below .70 ,at this time pmcjoy is show the current bidder on 25000 bid pack.after that i quote all bid before .70 and again pmcjoy show the current bidder. how can is possibile that his bid is not crossed by me below .70 means pmcjoe is fraud member of this site and this site is doing fraudulent activity. all bids are crosssed by one person at the end of bidding day by bidder name pmcjoe. so its show that this is fraud site and when i complaint about this to this site then this guy named pmcjoe again cross my another bid of samsung tab3 bid. how can possibile that. the all things show that this is fraud site doing fraud with all bidder who are register in this site. plz resolved this problem and stoped this site working of doing fraud with others also.

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