Jewellery Hub – I didn’t receive my order and now I want refund

Reported By: Urbhi

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Jewellery Hub

I don’t need the product anymore because it’s been a long time since I placed the order and yet they didn’t bother to deliver my order. Whenever I ask them that when they are going to deliver my order they says next week and surprisingly that next week never comes. The most irritating part is that they don’t even reply to our queries even though they seem online.

I wrote several messages to them asking about my order but they literally ignored those messages. I am so pissed off with their behaviour. This site and account must be dissolved as soon as possible as many will fall in their trap if it’s left like that.

They are literally manipulating people and fetching money from them and continues to misguide normal people like us.

They keeps on ignoring people’s messages and says they are busy that’s why they couldn’t reply yet they have time to post stories and feeds. They didn’t even provide any tracking link for us to track our orders. Took our money just like that. I had faith on them but they misguided me badly.

Now I just want my money back as soon as possible. I totally understand that they are fraud. I will never fall in their trap again.


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* Go to page
* Write Jewellery Hub in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Jewellery Hub.

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