Jobagency4u – Not received hard earned money from Ozone Nexzenpro –

I work with NEXZENPRO and I want to share my story how NEXZENPRO, Delhi cheated us of our ad money. i signed up in around February, 2013 and started showing ads of them using their Zedo network. I was in contact with Sunil manohar sing, Upasana chatarji. We showed ads till jul-aug, 2013 but they did not pay atleast for one month. after i asked them it for 100 times! when I removed all their ads from our sites. Upasana chatarji tried to convince me to continue the ads. From their behaviour I could clearly smell foul play. I knew they will never pay me. So I removed the ads. They have a very nice tactis I think – not to pay small publishers. They will delay your payment like anything. Even if they agree, the payment will be last week of next month! Then also payment will not come! Just beware of this Anjana which is a central fixed piece in this trickery. I’m sure there are plenty more in the boat. There is at least two complaints I’ve found on internet, they did not get their money even after 1 year. Let us form a group and file complaint in the regulatory authorities together. Just call me at 9849074631 (chitti dot dec24 at gmail dot com)

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