I Mr. Namdev R Gawde a Tax Consultants. I was contacted by one of Justdial’s executives (Ms. Nandita). Mr.Namdve did not want any services of Justdial however, after discussion Ms. Nandita (executive) managed to convince me for a 2 month trial service on payment of Rs. 1300 through cheque. The contract note was also given to me. Justdial have no authority to debit my account through ECS every month specially when I have not even agreed for it. I had just given a cheque as a trial period offer and never agreed to any further terms. Since that day, every week an amount of Rs. 149 has been debited from my account till date. • Firstly, stop any further debits from my bank account • Secondly, refund all the money that has been debited from my account without my permission illegally. The contract no where mentions that I have agreed for an ECS payment. I would also like to mention in particular that the names of clients suggested by Justdial are fake. I called a few clients who simply said that they were not interested in any consultancy and on one occasion the party itself said I have been recommended your name for my business of loans. There has never been a positive response from any client recommended by them. They are bent upon fooling people. I have written to them to ensure that there are no further debits from my account and to give me a written confirmation that they shall not debit my account any more. I have approached the Bank however, they are unable to stop the payment. I have again and again received a call from Justdial recommending some name for consultancy. They are building their client base by fraudulent techniques. After several correspondence, my account has again been debited with an amount off Rs. 149/- on 18th November, 2013. Inspite of several requests/threats, my words are only reaching deaf ears.I request you to take severe action against Justdial for this fraud and refund us all the amount that has been debited from my account along with an interest since August, 2013 and compensation for mental trauma.

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