Kaunsa.com – Non delivery of the item


I have ordered the Samsung TV from the Kaunsa.com for Rs 59965 on 24th September. The day I ordered I called and they promised that they will deliver the item in 7-10 days . Its almost 9 days and still I didnt have the shipping details.

Ref Id : Kaun/166116
Regd. Mobile : 9419103186

After 2 days when I checked teh website there were no TV listed on teh website , they removed all Big electronics item form teh webpage.

I called them 4-5 times they told that the item is under process and will send the shipping details soon ..
Now I am trying to clal them from last 3 days and nobody is picking the call. I am worried about my money which they have takem from me. I would rather want to go for cancellation now. Please I want my money back

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