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Kclink Technologies

hi guys please don’t join this company.. it is a big fake company.. it is a purely backdoor company.. they cheated lot of people in Hyderabad and now they started in Bangalore also to cheat some more people… I am one of the person who has been cheated by the company., … they will take 80000/- in that they will pay 10000 salary per month.. they will pay for 5 months after that will say your consultant has given me 80000/- in that we have given you 50000 as a salary, training cost is 20000 and 10000 maintenance.. so your money is over you can leave the company.. now a days they are giving fake experience certificates.. This company will eat grass also for money.. so guys beware of this company.. They don’t have any single project..simply they will give some dummy works and they will act as client is asking plz make it fast like that.. abbo they will do lot of dramas… they don’t have any projects.. simple guys they will take your money and they will give your money as a salary for 4 to 5 months and they will hands up… simply don’t waste your money and time.. no use.. atleast you will not get knowledge also.. so beware of this company.. totally it is a fraud company..


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