Kedge Solutions – Rohan Chaturvedi is a fraud men and his bogas company

Reported By: B K vala

Contact information:
Kedge Solutions Ahmedabad, Gujarat

rohan chaturvedi, Richa chaturvedi and anjali b yadav is a fraud and chitter.
He collect only money behalf of software work. All are make crore rupies by chit the public and. Alwase change address and location and mobile.
This name company is fraud.
He get money than he run away.
I complain aginst him. He chit my money 2.5 लाख for website making.
I give him in October 2018 but till date he not give me web site ઃ. He is and his lover Richa chaturvedi and anjali b yadav also part of this company. Company is not pay any tex to government. Only paper company. This time he all live in ahmedabad. Address details is below.
Rohan A. Chaturvedi
Kedge Solutions
Contact: +91 0-9512561443/7984307071
Office: +91 -0-635-2222-599
E-Mail:???? , ,
Facebook Link:
Ahmadabad: 209-2nd Floor Sayona complex,Opp Torrent Power Office,Memco Cross Road,Ahmadabad 390025
Head Office: B/7 & B/1 Pinky apt,Ram nagar,Near ICICI Bank and SaiBaba Mandir, Borivali (West),Mumbai 400 092

I said to all do police complaint. He is fraud man

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