Kenchi Salon Franchise – Charged for Services, Salon closed on the day of Service

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Reported By: Purnima Mittal

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Kenchi Salon Franchise

Dear Concerned,

For a service required in March 2018, I made a payment to Kenchi Salon in February, as to avail an ongoing offer . The Services were scheduled for 2 days in March , 8th and 9th.
I went to the Salon and asked for doing Facial , which was denied saying “Kal karenge”… I asked for back scrub which they said will not be effective, so we will do back wax… After waxing, I came back and found excessive redness and rashes all over my back because I never tried back wax. I shared the problem with the girl treating me but she said it will go till evening..The rashes stood there for 5-6 days which included the day of Marriage of my Brother in law..
Next day, on 9th I went for Facial and another service due, and to my surprise, found that Salon was closed. My number was available with them, but they never bothered to call and tell me that there is a problem. When I called, Ms. Swati told me that for some reason, they have closed the salon for sometime and asked me to visit their other franchise in some other society. Since I was busy with guests and had so many things to do for the marriage and travel, I told her I cannot come. Then in a jiffy, I had to spend aprx 5000 at another Salon in the premises over above 2000 , spent with Kenchi.
After marriage, I called them to return my money, since I paid for services at my location and I no more required the services as of now. They did not return my money and kept calling me to other location, and also promising to open soon in our society. Its been 3-4 months since then, and I haven’t received the money yet. I kept following up with the owners, and they are making excuses. The entire message trail is available with me , if we talk about the effort and pain I have taken to remind them off and on…They sometime respond with an excuse, citing problems faced while doing Paytm, or sometimes they do not respond at all. I shared the bank account details too for transfer of funds, since then they are sitting quiet , not responding to my messages. Please help

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