– scam, they took a huge amount of money out of my account.

Reported By: Becloveday

Contact information:
order Id #179816

I saw an advertisement for cooking pots on facebook. The total cost was meant to be $6.89aud for rachaelray cooking pots, the advertisment was originally on facebook (I saw the same advertisment today again, i reported it as illegal and spam advertising to facebook today by the way but these people seem to be ripping people off from all over the world.)

I put my debit card details in, clicked the button to pay it because it said $6.89 aud, there was no fine print about it being more than that. Nothing to say that they’d be stealing so much money from me. Postage was apparently ‘free’… After the payment processed, i checked my bank account and was very angry that these people who were a ‘pretend’ company can just take whatever amount of money from my account that they like – without any legal ramifications. I never recieved an invoice, which was very odd. Just before i clicked ‘process payment’ i screenshotted the company website and the dollar amount. I put my personal details in including my address… This pathetic, pretend company stole a huge amount of money from my bank. They took $146.22 from my account. Afterwards, googled the website name and the word ‘scam’, i found out by looking on the internet using the website address that it’s a total scam. I ordered rachelray cooking pots for $6.89 aud with free postage, but this dodgy company deducted well over the amount i agreed upon, i did not give permission for them to deduct anything close to what they took out, they stole my hard earned money from my bank account. I need my money back urgently, i have bills to pay. I called my bank within 5 mins of the payment coming out and they said it was ‘pending’ and that i’d have to wait 2-3 business days to make a complaint and try to recover the funds. I asked my bank to stop the payment as i hadn’t agreed to it. They basically told me that that company can take what they like because i put my debit card details in, so because i trusted this site and put my details in, any company can deduct whatever amount they like from people’s personal accounts?!? If this happened in real life where someone used my bank card they’d be charged with theft. This is the same thing but worse in my opinion. This is utter crap!!! They need to be stopped. Please find a way to stop them stealing from people. I was told by my bank that i can put forms in to try to get my money back but that it can take 90 days and even then they may not be able to recover it ☹️ one bank person even told me that i gave them permission when i put my details in and that they’re overseas so i’ll never see my money again! I did not give permission for $142!!! I also found out that this so called company deducts these amounts and never sends any products to people who’ve ordered them in good faith. They just steal from people on a daily basis. How is it okay for a company from overseas to take whatever they like? How can a bank not stop a payment that is out of the ordinary and raises red flags?

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