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Reported By: Kartik Padiya

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Knowledge Express LLP

My sister has gone through a lot during last 5 months.
I didn’t have any idea about such unprofessional and misguiding tutorials are still sustain in Indian Society.

A student who travelled 900+ kms, left everything behind, in fact left family and also changed her state just to accomplish her CS target.

You may now have an idea how serious an individual can be! I’m shocked today after knowing about her suffering. KESHAV SOMANI and one highly qualified Lady CS, LLM, DCL were torturing her from the day 1st itself. My sister had only target was to get best guidance. she is so kind by heart and always speaks a truth on face rather than playing HIDE and SEEK. she has an art of finding possible work around of every difficult situation without damaging anyone’s EGO, SENTIMENTS, HARMING OTHERS PHYSICALLY or Raising Immoral ALLEGATIONS. She always remain calm and helpful to all at her best capacity. She smiles to that person also who cheated her, betrayed or insulted just a day before without any bias. Then it is easily understood that she might have suffered 3rd Degree Torture otherwise my sister never cries.

They made list of wrong allegations on her which are totally fake and detrimental to her mental health. She is not even in a position to study properly at home. All the time she is threatened directly or indirectly by class owner/ owners.

Being CS student she was seeking their guidance, curious to grasp as much as she can, we force her many a time to rest at home during illness but she has never listened to us and just answered in one line, “let me go to class, my fever/ illness will go because of happiness and satisfaction of learning something new.” She used to ping us when she left for class and after coming back to home. We discuss daily about her subjects and topics being taught in the day.

I am really feeling worst by knowing all this matter of my sister. They have made fake attendance report as well. My sister is one of the most regular student in the class, her real attendance is 96%. I was shocked when they said she was absent for 66days/127.

So according to KESHAV SOMANI and SHITAL THAKAR my sister was present for just 49%???

How can a person be so IMMORAL, UNETHICAL and LIAR??
Last but not the least, My sister has been threatened by them thrice. BY USING SUCH WORDS,

I’m now requesting you please help me

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