kripa exports inc – Mr S Khanna – threatening & not returning money

​Ceo of the company


i have received call from Mr S Khanna with warning


and threat of spoiling our company reputation,


his statement was


“Mr Pawan, the complaint letter you have send to our ceo, you have done very wrong 


for you & your company.


Now i will show you what a big mistake you have done by sending my 


complaint to my boss, 


you are alone to show my negativity to my company, my customers and our 


market but i have my team to spoil your company reputation”


I want to ask you Mr Ceo,


Have you allowed to your staff to give such warning to your all customers.


if yes then i would like to tell you that this practice will spoil market


value of your company.


if No then reply me what action you have taken against your employee who are


threatening like this to your customers and spoiling your reputation.



Also i would like to inform you that if you want to see my follow up with


Mr S khanna, Mr ranjit, Ms Shailja 


just get last 3 months call data recording and no.s of follow-up from my


no.9718999053 from mobile service provider.





Pawan Nakra


for TCG The Craft Gallery






On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 11:04 AM, pawan nakra <[email protected]> wrote:


Ceo of the company


Return my amount because you are not giving service as per commitment by your sale staff mr s khanna


every time i m calling your executive for promotion and website product upload but no body reply satisfactory


if you will not return my amount we will write complaints to it industry chamber of commerce and concerned depts , and on social media sites


pawan nakra



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